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Owners Urge Designers to Consider Costs and Make More Durable Decisions. A Recap of the 2018 Healthcare Design Conference’s Facilities & Project Management Track

  by Megan Headley | December 03, 2018
  Architects attending the Healthcare Design Conference in November were repeatedly told they need to become a part of the solution to driving down healthcare costs.

During a session titled “Follow the Money,” William Hercules, president and CEO of WJH, encouraged his audience to “approach CEOs with a business plan, with a piece of architecture attached.”
“We need to start seeing patients in a lower cost setting,” urged Michelle Mater, President of Catalyst, during that same session.

If the message to lower costs seemed particularly hard pushed it’s because it’s one that facility managers are hearing daily, explained Michael Wood, National Director of Construction for Medxcel, during the session “Moving the Horizon in Healthcare Design.”

“Our CEO at Ascension tells us clearly it’s up to each one of us to hold that line and to be accountable for that cost,” Wood said. “We have to stop this growth.”

Wood encouraged designers to focus on delivering operating efficiency and durable decisions.
The push to outpatient solutions is one way healthcare systems are looking to better deliver on the promise of lower-cost care. Several sessions highlighted the fact that although many medical centers recognize the need to push solutions out of the hospital, many are still exploring how to meet this need in a way that is both operationally efficient and consistently branded.

That consistency is critical for a number of reasons: it builds recognition among consumers for a predictable level of care; it means that a nurse or physician can effortlessly adapt to working in any location within a brand; and it can lower design costs and speed delivery of a facility to market.
As Bruce Rainey, Corporate VP Construction & Facilities for Scripps Health put it, “Variation is not value. Standardization is value.”

To learn more, read the full recap.

Session Audience at Healthcare Design 2018