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  Health Care Institute Committees
  BIM (Building Information Modeling) Research Co-Chairs
  Kathy O. Roper, Professor of Integrated Facility and Property Management, Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta
  404-385-4139 |

Educational Development and Outreach Coordinator

  Glenn Fischer, Executive VP, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute
  503-912-3132 |
  IFHE (Executive Committee) Representative
  Walt Vernon, CEO, Mazzetti
  415-364-7222 |
  Membership and Public Relations Chair
  Toni Gatz, National Business Development Director, Synergy Medical Global DesignSolutions
  612-298-6298 |
  Regional Components Liaison
  Jeffrey Kent, Managing Director Facilities, Nemours Foundation
  904-697-4274 |

News Content Editor

  Megan Headley 
  540-735-5196 |
  Website Design Editor
  Janice Hoffman